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Published on by Yousfi Benameur

The 22 january 2015,i began this blog and it was my first experience in this domain.
i guess thats what i needed there is many years to make a good help for the world wide foxers.
its not a continous  or academic works, its what i want to do  with visual foxpro.
these are the sensations, my feeling and messages that I want to give foxers.that what i cannot gave in a forum as Foxite or AtoutFox or Universal thread.
it is without any pressure and prejudice or discrimination I work peacefully and I occupy my free time satisfying my own needs and enjoy making those who run after visual foxpro knowledge.
i desserve a non-interested assistance outside of any consideration of facies, race, religion or membership.I broadcast my blog anywhere out of its place,nor in facebook,nor twitter....
thats my principes.the blog have no password and no login.its a free and peacefull  area.
I share what is in my mind and what i gathered in my humble experience.Anyone teached me VFP.i studied it absolutly myself and what its interesting me is only its OOP (i dont worked strongly on data...). I never participated to any fox meeting, and have no discussion head to head with any vfp developper.


All this is not without constraints and problems I encounter are :

1-there are not too many feedbacks to my posts.for ex.when i read my old posts there is some typos anyone pointed to me.that can help others mandatory.
 the recent codes are very easy to use because selectable with one click and can be tested by anyone.
I think the least thing can do is thank me time to time by sending me small words .
This may also encourage me and make me feeling readers in front of me.

2-As you know VFP is stopped there is a while (2007).Sometimes there its very difficult to work with modern applications.that why javascript (one of the first worldwide programmatic languages) is used with internet explorer.
fortunatly IE is used by VFP and its yet performent.

3.i struggled with the richtext box of my provider whose is not perfect and cuts parts of my code.i used html instead and luckily i produce better recent posts.

4. the blog host have a rigid structure and dont permit any extra (normal its free).I cannot access to some detailled statistics or add any widget...

5.i have some unanswered questions as working with DOM and HTML5 canvas, infortunatly anyone gives me some help (nor in vfp forums nor even in Stack Overflow).

There is also some advantages :
there is in 2015 more 10.500 unique visitors and more 36.500 pages viewed.actualy i have more 40 unique visitors per day in my blog (i started 2015 with 12 unique visitors per day).this permit me to gather my vfp codes in one location and can search easily any special code for a special goal.

At this date i posted 173 articles in my blog (average of 14 per month).


Advices and recommendations i give to my blog visitors

- The posts in the blog have keywords the search engine uses to quickly find any word and retrieve the posts where they are used.the blog engine is very performent .

The running codes might raises errors for cause of priveleges level, in this case run vfp9.exe as administrator.

-the codes are tested on VFP9Sp2 and historically on windows8.1 and windows10 pro.the internet explorer is IE11 emulation.if the code dont work on another domains please give a feedback to broadcast the information to the users.

-the codes are given "as it" without any garantee and without any kind of responsability of the author.

feel free to re use them or modify them as your taste and in function of your plans.

if you want point to the author , if no its without importance.


Good luck to all and good continuation!

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Thank you very much,can do so many thing in VFP without tiring
thank you very much dear Yousfi for your instructive code!
Hello there, Yousfi! First off, congratulations for your first year of VFP blogging! I tell you, I may not be as vocal as your other visitors here in your weblog but I appreciate what you are doing and I am learning a lot from your posts. I may not be active with VFP as I used to be, but it is a very good feeling that someone likes you keep tinkering with VFP and such treasure troves are just there in case I need VFP to perform specialized functions. Please, please do keep the blogs coming. I for one read all of them. Thank you very much and take care always.
Congratulations indeed have learned many things from the blog, follow giving more hope things for VFP community. Greetings from Mexico
Hello Yousfi,<br /> <br /> Thank you for all your hard work with providing content that is interesting to learn and test.